Sex Club Secrets (Gods of Love #3) by Jennifer Lynne

SEX CLUB SECRETS (Gods of Love #3) by Jennifer Lynne-a review

Sex Club Secrets

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date January 24, 2013

Sometimes love can flourish in the most unexpected places… Ella has been in love with her best friend Kade for as long as they’ve known each other. But her love has not been returned, and when the bisexual Kade ends a relationship without showing any signs of becoming romantic towards her, she decides to call a halt on her unrequited love and try something new by accepting an invitation to a celebrated Melbourne sex club.

Anteros is one of the erotes, an aspect of Eros and the ancient Greek god of requited and unrequited love. He has heard the call of these would-be lovers and intends to show them that friendship can sometimes be the best place to kick start a lasting romantic relationship.



NOTE:  Story line contains strong adult content and M/M/F situations.

SEX CLUB SECRETS is the third storyline in Jennifer Lynne’s Gods of Love erotic romance series featuring The Erotes-the Gods of Love and sons of Aphrodite.

Like the previous two story lines, Sex Club Secrets focuses on one of the Erotes- Anteros is our tortured God of Requited and Unrequited Love which is ironic since Anteros feels the pain and sorrow of unrequited love with each encounter. With his ability to ‘hear’ people’s most intimate thoughts and fantasies, Anteros wields his power and issues a special invitation to Ella for one night of passionate sex and love. And to Ella’s surprise she accepts the offer, hoping her BFF of ten years –Kade-will accept her personal invitation as well.

Sex Club Secrets delves into one woman’s secret fantasies and Anteros the god of requited and unrequited love is willing to make all of those fantasies come true. But Kade is reluctant to allow Ella to enter into the Club alone and finds himself on the outside watching as Ella succumbs to her passions with another man.

Sex Club Secrets is a story of secret fantasies, passionate sex and the loneliness of one god whose only wish is to be loved and wanted-for himself. Jennifer takes the reader on a short journey into the world of make believe, sex gods and passionate encounters.

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Sex Club Secrets
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Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Great review. I read the first two after seeing your reviews. I didn’t know another book was released or another one upcoming. I am soooooooo behind !

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