To Wed A Wicked Highlander (Bad Boys of the Highlands #3) by Victoria Roberts-Review, Guest Post and Giveaway

To Wed a Wicked Highlander (Bad Boys of the Highlands #3) by Victoria Roberts-Review, Guest Post and Giveaway

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To Wed A Wicked Highlander
Series: Bad Boys of the Highlands #3
by Victoria Roberts
Release Date: September 3, 2013

To Wed a Wicked Highlander

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ABOUT THE BOOK: September 3, 2013

Laird Alexander MacDonnell must choose between his duty or
losing his heart forever to the woman who betrayed him—his own wife.

Lady Sybella MacKenzie is forced to search for her clan’s ancient seeing stone under the roof of her father’s enemy. When she finds the precious artifact, will she choose the family who raised her, or will she stand with the man who has captured her soul?


REVIEW: TO WED A WICKED HIGHLANDER is the third storyline in Victoria Roberts’ Bad Boys of the Highland historical romance series. I was first introduced to this particular series through a giveaway of Temptation in a Kilt and I have loved every storyline in the series. Victoria pulls the reader into a world of Highland warriors, lovers and family betrayal. You will laugh and cry and, your heart will break for the men and women from the Highlands of Scotland.

To Wed a Wicked Highlander focuses on Sybella MacKenzie and her arranged marriage to Laird Alexander MacDonnell. The MacDonell and the MacKenzie clans have been at war for years and with this marriage, it is hoped that the bad blood between the two families can be forgotten. But much to Sybella’s surprise she is a pawn in a much larger game that will find she and her new husband the target of an assassin’s arrow. And to complicate matters, Sybella will discover that someone close is hoping to kill the Laird and his new wife.

The relationship between Sybella and Alexander is one that started years earlier when both were but teenagers. Fast forward five years and Sybella finds herself betrothed to Laird Alexander in exchange for what she believes is a peaceful resolution to war between the clans. Alexander is a man of experience when it comes to the bedroom and he must take his time with his new wife. But it is only a matter of days before betrayal and heartbreak will find Sybella on the run and into the bosom of a not so welcoming family.

Several of the previous storyline characters are welcomed back to give the storyline a cohesive feeling to the series. Our hero and heroine are both likeable and relatable; Alexander is an alpha male who quickly grows to love his young bride; and Sybella is a woman who is not afraid to speak up when the circumstances arise. As a couple Sybella and Alexander are sensual together in the bedroom even though it will take some time for Sybella to warm up to her new husband’s actions. There is no angst or hatred between the couple; they have accepted their position as husband and wife, but betrayal will come from both outside and within.

To Wed a Wicked Highlander is a wonderful story of romance and love; betrayal and heartbreak; friend and foe. If you have not had a chance to read the Bad Boys of the Highlands I would suggest you move the series to the top of your TBR pile. The Highland warriors are sensual and romantic alpha males, who by way of a little trouble and heartbreaking realization, will eventually grow to love the bonnie lasses who have stolen their hearts from the very first meeting.

Reading Order
1. Temptation in a Kilt
2. X Marks the Scot
3. To Wed A Wicked Highlander

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Reviewed by Sandy

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Historical romance. What is it about being swept away by a handsome English lord, a mischievous pirate or a brawny Highland laird that make women swoon? As with any fictional book, I think the main reason is simply escape. In today’s hustling and bustling world, everyone looks to breakout of the mundane. And I’m certainly no exception to that rule. Fortunately, Scottish historical romance provides me with the perfect distraction from everyday life.

Victoria RobertsI didn’t read my first romance until my thirties basically because I was daft. I thought the genre as a whole was nothing but a bunch of bodice rippers and truthfully, porn. One day my phenomenal CP (critique partner) slapped down a Scottish historical romance on my desk and demanded that I read it. I did, and boy was I ever wrong.

Between the rolling hills of the Scottish countryside, the bonny lochs, castles and fierce Highland lairds, I was hooked. I was never so happy to know that I was completely mistaken about the genre. There were actually plots, characterization and development, and darn it if the tales didn’t have me staying up way beyond my bedtime to finish.

As I became more familiar with the genre, I understood there were some historical inaccuracies in the books I read. Most of the time, those historical differences didn’t matter to me. After all, I was reading historical fiction. As a reader, I’m not normally bothered by this as long as I’m not pulled out of the story i.e. woman is wearing jeans in a regency novel. As a writer, I try to be as true to my genre as possible. I want to ensure the MacGregors, bloody Campbells (I couldn’t resist) and MacDonells donned the appropriate tartans. Their battle cries needed to be their own. Gaelic was a must. And although my characters were fictional, the setting was not.

The MacGregors and Campbells were always at odds. We know history tells us the MacGregors were the outlawed clan. While I wrote Temptation in a Kilt, I basically asked myself what would’ve happened if the Campbells were the clan at odds with King James and the MacGregors were seen in a favorable light? Well, this twist of history resulted in Laird Ciaran MacGregor and Lady Rosalia MacGregor finding true love. And in the end, isn’t that what we all secretly desire?

Most writers I know try to be as true to historical accuracy as possible, but remember that historical romance is ultimately fictional. Being engulfed in writing these tales on a daily basis, I’m humbly reminded that most of the swoon-worthy men in my life are fictional characters—well, other than my husband and my father of course.

How important is historical accuracy to you in the books you read? Sourcebooks will give away one copy of To Wed a Wicked Highlander to a lucky commenter.

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33 thoughts on “To Wed A Wicked Highlander (Bad Boys of the Highlands #3) by Victoria Roberts-Review, Guest Post and Giveaway

  1. Wonderful review, Sandy. You can tell how much you enjoy this series.

    Victoria, great guest post. I’m not an expert on historical history, so I don’t pay a lot of attention to the facts. I want to enjoy the story and my highlanders. 🙂

  2. Awesome review Sandy ,
    And great Guest Post Victoria. I just love me some Highlanders , There is just something about them all that manly sexiness just makes me want to know where mine is . Oh and the Kilt of course .
    I have this wrote down and I can’t wait to read it.

  3. Great Interview Lasses..
    No I am not a History Snob 🙂 I like to enjoy the couple’s Story Maybe a few Bad boys wouldn’t hurt…
    If you make the couple meet at an Epic event That actually Happened then yes True facts would be nice but not necessary.
    Hot Highlanders ARE A MUST.

  4. Great review Sandy. I do believe I have this series on my lust from previous reviews done here. Got to say, love the cover love can’t wait to check these bad boys if the highlands out 😉

  5. I love history and when I read a historical romance, I’m always hoping to learn something new, so historical accuracy is important to me. I don’t mind a little stretching the truth for the sake of the story, but the fundamentals should be accurate.

  6. Wonderful review Sandy. Always have a soft spot for the Highlanders.

    Thank you Victoria for the great guest post. I always wondered about some of the accuracy of the historical storylines.

  7. I’m no expert on this time period, but I do appreciate when the research has been thorough. I find a novel distracting when the main characters of a period piece use modern phrases or expressions. I look forward to reading this!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

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