Dark Ghost by Christine Feehan – Dual Review & Giveaway

Dark Ghost by Christine Feehan – Review & Giveaway

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Dark Ghost
Carpathian series – Book #28
by Christine Feehan
Release Date: September 1, 2015

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He wasn’t civilized or tame. He had his own code and he lived by it.

Monk. Bounty hunter. Vampire slayer. Andre Boroi has spent centuries battling the undead, holding out against the dark with honor. But now, gravely wounded by master vampire Costin Popescu, Andre will be easy to track—his spilled blood marking the killing trail for Popescu and his hungry band of underlings. Andre’s only chance is to disappear into the gray mist of the Carpathians. To wait. To hope.
She had a healing touch and a scent that was his lifeblood.
In the mountains in search of a precious crystal, geologist Teagan Joanes suddenly finds herself hunted by those she once trusted. Then she comes across the warrior—wounded, wanting and irresistible. Andre has been craving her for an eternity: his lifemate. Her warmth envelops him. Her scent pulsates. And with every beat of her heart, Teagan surrenders to a passion she can’t possibly comprehend.
Now they are bound by destiny, but is it enough to keep them safe from a stalking, relentless darkness that threatens to swallow them alive?

Barb’s Review:

Dark Ghost by Christine Feehan is the 28th book in her Carpathian series. I thought Dark Ghost was a good story, but I did have mixed feelings; a major part of my feelings is that as I have said before, the old style seems to be missing. Other then the Skyler/Dimitri trilogy, which I did enjoy, the last few books have been a disappointment to me.

Dark Ghost was somewhat better, but still very reminiscent of the other later books. I have been waiting a long time for Andre’s story, and I really liked him a lot. Teagan is our heroine, and I liked her too, but did have mixed feelings with her too.

The story begins with Andre knowing he is getting closer his end, to meet the dawn. He goes underground to heal from major injuries fighting a master vampire, whom he hurt badly, but did not kill him. While he rests underground, Teagan, who is a healer, finds herself in danger, from a friend whom she trusted. Running away, she hides in a cave, and begins to search for a stone that she feels with help cure her grandmother. She comes upon an injured Andre, and uses her healing ability to cure many of his injuries. Much to his shock, Andre know this young woman is what he has been searching for all his life; the woman who will save him….his lifemate.

What follows is a story of a Carpathian hunter, who finds his love and his color/emotions back after centuries; a young woman, who can’t resist the alpha male who showers her with adoration, as well as possessiveness; danger in the Carpathian mountains from both humans and vampires. Most of all it the sexual relationship between Andre and Teagan.

What did I have mixed feelings about? Andre was great, but finding his lifemate and turning her so fast, did not really sit well with me. Teagan was very independent, and they fought  from from the start. But throughout the book she kept going back and forth to fight Andre or hopelessly devour him. So many times she changed her mind.  Just about 85% of the book took place in the Cave. (Reminded me of Dominic’s story). Not enough action, though I did enjoy the parts that Andre taught Teagan how to fly and her other powers. That was fun.  Sex, sex, sex and more sex. I like my steamy romances, but not when it over powers the story.

I thought Dark Ghost was better than many of the other recent books in this series, but Christine Feehan has taken this from a paranormal romance suspense with steamy sex to more of an erotic romance storyline.


Sandy’s Review:

DARK GHOST is the 28th installment in Christine Feehan’s adult, paranormal romance DARK (Carpathian) series focusing on a supernatural species known as the Carpathians. This is Carpathian Andre Boroi, and American climber Teagan Joanes’s storyline. DARK GHOST can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty.

SOME BACKGROUND: All Carpathian males, must find their lifemates before they turn vampire or greet the dawn. Without a lifemate, the males no longer see in color, feel pain or experience emotions. A lifemate is the light to their dark. She is the keeper of his heart and the keeper of his soul.

Told from third person point of view DARK GHOST finds our hero Andre in a fight for his life. A master vampire has targeted Andre, and their latest battle results in a struggle for survival. While Andre lies healing in the ground in the Carpathian Mountains, he will be awakened by the voice of his lifemate-Teagan Joanes-a woman he never knew existed until she was pulled to the very cave where Andre went to repair the damage inflicted by the master vampire. What ensues is Andre’s struggle to understand the mind of the modern woman, and the hunt for the person responsible for attacking his lifemate prior to her appearance in the cave.

DARK GHOST is a slow building story where the growing relationship between Teagan and Andre is the central focus of the storyline. Our couple is secluded in a healing cave in the Carpathian Mountains for most of the book, and there is very little outside influence or external conflict-the majority of the conflict bookends Teagan and Andre’s time in the Mountain cave. That’s not to say there wasn’t any contention; Teagan is a modern woman who refuses to acknowledge Andre’s need for control, and his over protective he-man attitude. She is unaware of the danger that searches for her new lifemate, and with it comes the struggles between a man used to the old ways, and a woman whose feminist ideology doesn’t allow for the give and take in a new, unexplored, supernatural relationship.

For fans of the series you may notice some changes over the last few storylines. The Carpathian claiming verse is longer with additional lines and content; to offer blood freely between two Carpathians now comes with longer prose and text; and Christine Feehan’s storylines are more violent towards women-there is the overriding issue of rape and torture that seems to be directed at many of the female characters-primary, secondary and supporting. I am not sure why the change of attack and the propensity for such anger, but it is something that I have noticed throughout the last few installments. I also had an issue with repetition (as a constant reminder) and redundancy–it was all too familiar from previous storylines.

DARK GHOST sees another ancient Carpathian saved from eternal damnation as the undead. Finding one’s lifemate brings with it the return of emotions, colors and feelings that have been lost for hundreds if not thousands of years. Andre’s endless cycle of hunting the vampire has the additional intensity of protecting his lifemate while he battles the friends who have chosen the dark side. Christine Feehan’s DARK/Carpathian series brought me back into the supernatural genre of vampires and immortals. Here’s hoping that many of the ancients previously introduced in the series find their lifemates before too long.

Copy supplied by the publisher through Netgalley.



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Bayou Heat 17-18: Rage /Killian by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright-a review

RAGE/KILLIAN (Bayou Heat 17-18) by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright-a review

Rage Killian 1001 Dark Nightsjpg

Amazon.com / Amazon.ca /

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date August 11, 2015

Rage might be an aggressive Hunter by nature, but the gorgeous male has never had a problem charming the females. All except Lucie Gaudet. Of course, the lovely Geek is a born troublemaker, and it was no surprise to Rage when she was kicked out of the Wildlands.

But now the Pantera need a first-class hacker to stop the potential destruction of their people. And it’s up to Rage to convince Lucie to help. Can the two forget the past—and their sizzling attraction—to save the Pantera?

REVIEW: RAGE is another quick read where a Pantera male finds his mate. For all intents and purposes Lucie is considered a risk; a feral female whose earlier life was riddled with abuse, neglect and a grandfather under the influence of a disease that attacked his mind. But somehow Lucie survived and has made a name for herself in the world of IT hacking, and it is her ability to hack into the cyber world that the Pantera are in desperate need. Rage has been commissioned to bring Lucie back to the Pantera Wildlands, but first they must deal with a cyber auction where the Pantera will be targeted once again. What ensues is a quick round of $ex where Rage’s inner feline discovers that Lucie is their mate before our couple head out to end the auction before it begins.


Gorgeous, brutal, aggressive, and human, Killian O’Roarke wants only two things: to get rid of the Pantera DNA he’s been infected with, and get back to the field. But the decorated Army Ranger never bargained on meeting the woman—the female—of his dreams on his mission to the Wildlands.

Rosalie lost her mate to a human, and now the Hunter despises them all. In fact, she thinks they’re good for only one thing: barbeque. But this one she’s guarding is testing her beliefs. He is proud and kind, and also knows the pain of loss. But in a time of war between their species, isn’t any chance of love destined for destruction?

REVIEW: KILLIAN focuses on a hybrid shifter named Killian O’Roarke-a former soldier who entered Bensen Enterprises in the hopes of treating his PTSD but found himself a prisoner who was subjected to experiments and injections of an unwelcome kind. Hoping for answers, Killian heads to the Pantera Wildlands where humans are not allowed-but Killian is no longer human-and his plea to rid himself of the beast within is met with the possibility of a future mate in the feisty but angry Rosalie, and a position within the Pantera family. The push and pull between Killian and Rosalie uncovers to what extent the experiments were successful.


RAGE / KILLIAN is the latest entry into the 1001 Dark Nights novella series. The BAYOU HEAT series continues to focus on Bensen Enterprises, and the experiments performed to create a super soldier in the face of human and Pantera objections and pain. As the paranormal/shifter series progresses, the Pantera continue to search for the person(s) responsible for the abhorrent experiments weaving a path of destruction, broken minds and emotional abuse for both Pantera and human, alike. Ivy and Wright’s storylines blend together to create a cohesive series about a species that were all but destroyed by hatred and disease. The characters are colorful, energetic and engaging; the romances are quick to build as per the novella outline and the Pantera’s need to mate; the happily ever after has yet to come to fruition. The BAYOU HEAT series is intense, dramatic and always a welcome addition to any paranormal library.

Reviewed by Sandy


Archangel’s Enigma (Guild Hunter 8) by Nalini Singh-Dual Review and Giveaway

ARCHANGEL’S ENIGMA ( Guild Hunter #8) by Nalini Singh-Dual Review and Giveaway

Archangel's Enigma Banner

Archangel’s Enigma
Guild Hunter #8
by Nalini Singh
Genre: adult, paranormal, romance
Release Date: September 1, 2015

Archangel's Enigma

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date September 1, 2015

Naasir is the most feral of the powerful group of vampires and angels known as the Seven, his loyalty pledged to the Archangel Raphael. When rumors surface of a plot to murder the former Archangel of Persia, now lost in the Sleep of the Ancients, Naasir is dispatched to find him. For only he possesses the tracking skills required—those more common to predatory animals than to man.

Enlisted to accompany Naasir, Andromeda, a young angelic scholar with dangerous secrets, is fascinated by his nature—at once playful and brilliant, sensual and brutal. As they race to find the Sleeping archangel before it’s too late, Naasir will force her to question all she knows…and tempt her to walk into the magnificent, feral darkness of his world. But first they must survive an enemy vicious enough to shatter the greatest taboo of the angelic race and plunge the world into a screaming nightmare


Sandy’s Review

ARCHANGEL’S ENIGMA is the eight installment in Nalini Singh’s amazing Guild Hunter’s adult, paranormal romance series focusing on Archangel’s, angels, vampires, shifters and hunters. This is Naasir and Andromeda’s storyline.

Naasir is an enigma-part vampire part beast; his origins are unknown to everyone but the Archangel Raphael. As part of Raphael’s group of seven Naasir is an unknown whose own history is that of fairy tales and legends. With his ability to blend quietly into the shadows and hunt his prey as a lion hunts a gazelle, Naasir cannot be tamed; his wildness endears him to others and to his own survival. Naasir is determined to find a mate, and his introduction to the angel scholar Andromeda finds Naasir dreaming of plans for the future with Andromeda by his side. But Andromeda’s future has been stolen and is no longer her own; she is blood oathed to servitude for the next 500 years.

Told from several third person points of view ARCHANGEL’S ENIGMA continues to focus on the Cascade-an apocalypse of sorts-that will see the Archangels at war and the destruction of mankind. As one of their own sets out to destroy the former Archangel of Persia, Andromeda will find herself a prisoner in a gilded cage when she is targeted for information regarding the whereabouts of Archangel Alexander. Naasir, believing Andromeda is his mate, goes in search of the woman that calls to his inner beast. But their journey is far from over when our couple must venture into enemy territory in the hopes of preventing the destruction of another Archangel who sleeps the Sleep of the Ancients.

ARCHANGEL’S ENIGMA is fascinating and revealing storyline with an ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters who play pivotal roles throughout the story. When I say ‘revealing’ I mean there is a vast amount of history revealed with regards to the Archangels, their history, and the power with which they rule. Illium aka Bluebell will struggle for his life, while Raphael’s powers grow exponentially in the face of the upcoming Cascade. No one is safe when an Archangel lost to the dark side seeks revenge and total control of all of the Archangel’s dominions.

Nalini Singh is a master storyteller. Her ability to weave an intoxicating tale of Archangels and angels, vampires and shifters is a wonderful testament to the magic that is Nalini Singh. Her series are addicting, breathtaking and dramatic.



Barb’s Review

Archangel’s Enigma by Nalini Singh is the 8th book in her wonderful Guild Hunter series. As I have said before, just when you think Nalini can’t beat the previous heroes, she blows you away once again.

I was looking forward to reading Naasir’s story, especially after the last book. With all the wonderful heroes in the Guild Hunter series, I shocked myself by falling hopelessly in love with Naasir. In Archangel’s Enigma we learn so much more about Naasir; his fierceness, loyalty, determination to get what he wants, his somewhat childlike mind, ability to love with all his heart, as well as finding out what he truly is.   Naasir was such a delight, as he was so much fun with his teasing and banter, and within a moment’s notice, he can turn into the fierce being that he is to fight the enemy and protect those he cares about.

Raphael finds out that Lijuan is secretly trying to kill Alexander, an archangel who has been sleeping for many years. He decides to send Naasir to meet Andromeda, an angelic scholar, and together they are to find and warn Alexander of the impending attack. Naasir isn’t thrilled having to go on assignment, since he is anxiously looking for his mate, especially when he discovers that Andromeda cannot be that mate, since she has a vow of celibacy.

Andromeda (Andi) was the perfect partner for Naasir. She is smart, studies and knows everything about all the Archangels, not mention she can handle a knife or sword, since she was secretly trained how to protect herself. Andi is determined to help Naasir before she is sent home to become part of her family destiny of being on another Archangel’s Court, which no one knows about.

Before they begin to travel, Andi is kidnapped by Lijuan’s warriors to help her find Alexander first. But Naasir, who is unstoppable, works with Jason to rescue Andi, and the adventure is on to find Alexander before the evil Lijuan kills him. This is an exciting pulse pounding story, that Nalini does so well, but the best part of it all was watching Naasir and Andi together. They made an awesome pair, with their teasing and banter; not to mention them protecting each other as they fought many battles. I got a kick out of Andi early on telling Naasir that she will give up her celibacy if he can find a fabled long lost book. He agrees to the terms, determined to find it, so that they can finally “rut” together. So much fun in between all the tense action.

The world building continues, as we watch the effects for all as the Cascade continues to get stronger. I loved being able to see Raphael, Elena, Dimitri, Jessamy, Aodan and Bluebell, among others. The climatic ending was not only exciting and tense, but also wonderful. Archangel’s Enigma was an exciting, non-stop action filled, and a fun beautiful romance, with a fabulous couple. If you have not read Guild Hunter, you are missing a wonderful series. If you have never read Nalini Singh, you need to start soon, as she is one of the best authors, with two sensational series, Psy/Changling and Guild Hunter.


Copy supplied by the Publisher



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Midnight Hunter (Execution Underground #3) by Kait Ballenger-a review

MIDNIGHT HUNTER (Execution Underground # 3) by Kait Ballenger-a review

Midnight Hunter

Amazon.com / Amazon.ca / B&N / KOBO /

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release date September 1, 2015

Hunters of the supernatural, The Execution Underground are an elite group tasked with protecting humanity…but can dark temptation destroy good intentions?

Occult specialist and witch hunter Dr. Shane Grey is called upon to investigate a string of crimes that bear all the hallmarks of black magic. But he can’t take on this daunting assignment for the Execution Underground alone. He’ll need the help of Vera Sanders, a witch with a dark past—and a woman who disturbs him as much as she intrigues him.

Vera is determined to ignore the dangerous chemistry between herself and Shane so she can prove her loyalty to his cause; otherwise she risks the wrath of the Execution Underground once again. If she can’t make Shane trust her, they won’t stand a chance in hell of defeating the evil that’s terrorizing their city. No easy task, considering old habits die hard…and Vera may be the very person responsible for luring Shane into a killer’s trap.


REVIEW: MIDNIGHT HUNTER is the third full length installment in Kait Ballenger’s adult Execution Underground(EU) paranormal series focusing on an elite group of hunters whose job it is to protect the human world from the evil side of the supernatural element. This is witch hunter and university professor Dr. Shane Grey, and Vera Sanders’s storyline. Vera is a witch who has dabbled in the dark arts; we were first introduced to Vera in Immortal Hunter (EU #2) when she was called in to work an investigation with Dr. Shane Grey.

Told from third person point of view MIDNIGHT HUNTER focuses the hunt for a necromancer-someone is raising the dead in Rochester New York leaving a path of destruction in its’ wake. Enter Dr. Shane Grey and the Execution Underground whose responsibility it is to hunt for the supernatural being reanimating the corpses. Because necromancy uses black magic Shane reluctantly enlists the help of one of his students-Vera Sanders-a witch with ties to black magic and a woman who stirs something deep within Shane’s soul.

The relationship between Shane and Vera begins acrimoniously as the two have butted heads in this and the last storyline. Shane is aware of Vera’s travels to the dark side, and with it comes a series of lies and lies by omission as our couple go on the hunt for the person practicing the art of black magic. What ensues is a relationship built upon mistrust and betrayal as the truth about Vera’s connections to black magic go deeper and are much closer than anyone could have imagined. Shane’s attraction to Vera finds our hero sending mixed signals of what it is he wants and doesn’t want from Vera Sanders-Shane will continue to push Vera away right up until the very end.

All of the Execution Underground Hunters make an appearance including the introduction of a kilt-clad Scotsman with connection to Detroit’s EU and Vera’s past. Speaking of Hunters, I am still waiting for Damon Brock’s storyline. Damon is the head of Rochester’s Underground Execution and a man whose heartbreaking introduction was told in Shadow Hunter (EU .5). Damon’s story is not complete; he has lost the love of his life to the very thing he abhors the most.

The world building continues to focus on the hunt for the bad guys of the supernatural world. So far, each of our hunters has fallen in love with the very thing he was ordered to destroy. I guess it is true what they say-love is truly blind.

MIDNIGHT HUNTER is an action packed story of mystery and suspense wrapped in a blanket of paranormal magic and powerful beings. The premise is engaging; the characters are colorful and intense; the happily ever after was not unexpected but the quick resolution to the story is becoming a mainstay of Kait’s style of writing.

Copy supplied by the publisher through Netgalley

Reviewed by Sandy

Series Spotlight

Execution Underground .5
by Kait Ballenger
Genre: adult, paranormal, romance
Release Date: June 25, 2013

ebook ONLY 99¢ :Amazon.com / Amazon.ca / Barnes and Noble / KOBO /


ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date June 25, 2013

Shadow Hunter (Execution Underground 0.5) by Kait Ballenger

Vampire hunter Damon Brock’s first assignment with the Execution Underground is Rochester, New York, a city crawling with the undead. But he isn’t the only hunter in town gunning for vamp blood. Tiffany Solow is fierce and ruthless when it comes to slaying the monsters that destroyed her family-and she works solo. But being alone is no longer so desirable when she meets the mysterious hunter who wants more than just her turf. As they work to massacre the local covens, the line between good and evil blurs when they are forced to decide between their lifelong beliefs… and their newfound hearts


Execution Underground 1
by Kait Ballenger
Genre: adult, paranormal, romance
Release Date: August 27, 2013

Amazon.com / Amazon.ca / Amazon.uk/ Barnes and Noble / KOBO / The Book Depository

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date August 27, 2013

Hunters of the supernatural, the Execution Underground are an elite group tasked with protecting humanity…but what happens when danger collides with desire?

Jace McCannon has one loyalty: the Execution Underground. Despite his mixed blood, his hatred for the werewolves he hunts is legendary. But in his search for a sadistic killer, Jace finds himself face to face with a stunningly seductive packmaster…and longing for a night with his mortal enemy.

Nothing can stop Frankie Amato from defending her kind–or catching the rogue responsible for killing women in her territory. For that, this alpha female needs Jace’s skills more than she wants to admit. But as their investigation exposes evil truths, need burns into a passion that dare not be fulfilled. For to do so will have deadly consequences for them both…


Immortal Hunter.Jan 2014jpgIMMORTAL HUNTER
Execution Underground 2
by Kait Ballenger
Genre: adult, paranormal, romance
Release date: May 2, 2104

Amazon.com / Amazon.ca / Amazon.uk/ Barnes and Noble / KOBO / The Book Depository

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date May 2, 2014

Hunters of the supernatural, the Execution Underground are an elite group tasked with protecting humanity…but at what price?

As an exorcist, David Aronowitz grew up the target of demonic assassins. Now he’s a member of the Execution Underground and hellspawn everywhere fear his name. But when a demon slips into the seductive body of the only woman he’s ever loved, David must confront the heartbreak of their past to save her.

The piece of her heart Allsún O’Hare gave to David so long ago left her trapped between two worlds: the Fae and the human. And when David comes to her rescue, fate reunites her with her greatest temptation—and her biggest mistake.

Now, as they’re swept together into a wicked game with the demon who controls her, David must decide if saving Allsún’s life is worth sacrificing his own—and the future of humanity itself.


Beauty and the Werewolf by Kristin Miller – a Review

Beauty and the Werewolf by Kristin Miller – a Review


Beauty and the WerewolfAmazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / BAM

This lone wolf falls hard…for his enemy.

Unmated werewolves don’t normally live past three hundred years old…and billionaire Jack MacGrath is cutting it close. Sure, he has almost everything-the respect of his peers, a mansion in San Francisco, a private jet, and fast cars. But without a mate, Jack’s in trouble. Then he sees her. Gorgeous, proud…and his enemy.

Isabelle Connelly is good at hiding things from her father. Like her success as a painter, or the incredibly intense attraction she has to Jack MacGrath. After all, she’s royalty and falling for anyone lesser-to say nothing of a rival pack-would be, er, unseemly. Now she must choose between her duty to her family and her pack…or her perfect fated mate.




I read Beauty and the Werewolf by Kristin Miller in one afternoon. It was a fun read, I really enjoyed it, and the characters were all very written

Jack McGrath is a 320-year-old werewolf, he’s managed to stay alive and extra 20 years, holding on for his mate. The werewolves in this book can live up to 1000 years old, but without your mate, most don’t get that far.

Jack is fascinated with the artist Bella Nolan, he seems to be strangely drawn towards her, her art keeps him calm and connected to the World. Any chance he gets to buy her paintings he is there, he is happy to pay millions for them, and that is where he meets her, a stunning young woman. He knows in his heart that it’s his mate, but until they touch, he can’t be sure.

Isabella is there to buy a painting by Bella Nolan, and nothing is going to stop her. She needs the painting to show her dying father the beauty of these paintings, and she wants to show her father that she is the world famous painter Bella Nolan. Her collection is almost completed she just needs 12 more to complete the collection, she needs them all to show her dad that her hobby wasn’t a passing phase, as that she took her art seriously.

Annoyed that an arrogant wolf beats her to the painting, this fires up Isabelle and she confronts Jack about wanting to buy the painting off of him. After Jack manages to touch her hand, he realises that this Isabelle is his fated mate. He manages to convince her to go to dinner with him, and in return he will give her the painting.

This starts the strange courtship between Jack and Isabelle; he is now concerned that she doesn’t feel the pull between mates, and he steps up his campaign to win his lady wolf. But what Jack doesn’t realise is that Isabelle is a an alphas daughter. She had been groomed and shaped to take over her pack, once her father dies. And her pack hates the MacGrath’s, as far as her father is concerned, that clan is a bunch of thieves and liars.

Slowly Isabelle falls for Jack, and the two plan to meet her father and ask for his permission. But before all that can happen, her pack call her home, her father hasn’t got long left. But what Isabelle fails to notice, is that Jack is also dying. So who will she choose?  Her duty or her future? You will need to read this book to find out.

Reviewed by Julie B

Copy provided by Publisher


Unblocked Episode 5 by Marni Mann – Spotlight & Review

Unblocked Episode 5 by Marni Mann – Spotlight & Review


Timber Towers series – Episode #5
by Marni Mann
Release Date: August 23,2015

Unblocked 5

Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Itunes


Unblocked collection

Amazon / Barnes & Noble


JxPinkLady Episode Five Release Graphic



Derek Block needs to protect those he cares about.
Frankie Jordan fears the loss of those she loves.
Darkness drives them.
But could it drive them apart?
This is Episode Five, the final Episode in the Timber Towers Series.



5 out of 5 for this reader folks!

I am in complete and utter denial that this series is over .. I know Marni Mann will do a 6 and a 7 and a ….. my balloon of fantasy popped because this really was the end. SIGH

Alright .. now that I am done with the dramatics, I have to say this was by far one of the best serial series I have ever read. Please go and read my past reviews to get a good grasp on this story as I am not going to review the entire serial here, but only Unblocked #5 the final episode on the Timber Tower Series.

Derek and Frankie have finally gotten their you know what together and seem to have bonded to face the greater evil. Derek knows in order to keep Frankie, he is going to have to spill his guts, secrets, and feelings and lay it all out. There is a fear that Frankie will reject him after she learns what he has been plotting. Frankie also has her past to face and you get to see her finally saying what needs to be said and take a stand she should of taken a while ago.

This ending came together brilliantly, and Marni really hit a grand slam in giving us readers the ending we wanting and the answers we were desperate for. Reading this ending was like seeing all the pieces to a puzzle come together. So much character growth, trust, security and self assurance was portrayed by both the leads. I have to say that those love scenes were very .. er … cough … umm, LOVING! Actually loving is being too kind .. they were BEAUTIFULLY DIRTY and absolutely TOE CURLING! Derek likes his dirty talk, and Rachel (that’d be me) likes to read it! LOL

I really am sad this has come to an end, but very pleased that all my questions were answered. I loved the business and architecture aspect of this serial but much of that has to do with the way Derek and Frankie were portrayed!

Can’t wait for your next book Marni as you have proven time and again I can always rely on you for an awesome read!


Reviewed by Rachel

Copy provided by Author


About The Author

Marni Mann

Best-selling Author Marni Mann knew she was going to be a writer since middle school. While other girls her age were daydreaming about teenage pop stars, Mann was fantasizing about penning her first novel. She crafts sexy, titillating stories that weave together her love of darkness, mystery, passion, and human emotion. A New Englander at heart, she now lives in Sarasota, Florida with her husband and their two dogs who subsequently have been characters in her books. When she’s not nose deep in her laptop working on her next novel, she’s scouring for chocolate, sipping wine, traveling to new locations, and devouring fabulous books.

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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Wicked Lies (Men of Summer #2) by Lora Leigh-a review

WICKED LIES (Men of Summer #2) by Lora Leigh-a review

Wicked Lies

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date September 1, 2015

Jazz Lancing is the stuff of legends. A mountain-bred ex-Navy SEAL with rugged dark looks, a tall muscled frame, and gorgeous blue eyes, he can have any woman he wants in the state of Tennessee. Except Annie Mayes. The beautiful, innocent teacher refuses to fall for Jazz because she’s hiding a secret more powerful than her own temptation …
Jazz knows that Annie isn’t who she says she is-that she’s lying about her identity, her past, and her motives. But can she be trusted? Little does he know Annie has been craving his kiss for years, dreaming that Jazz would take her in his arms and save her from her demons. But telling Jazz the truth could put both of them in peril. In this deadly game of danger, deceit, and darkness, is desire worth the risk of losing…everything?


REVIEW: WICKED LIES is the second installment in Lora Leigh’s adult, contemporary Men of Summer erotic, romantic suspense series. This is Jazz Lancing, and grade school teacher Annie Mayes’s storyline-a second chance romance for two people who believed they had lost one another ten years before. WICKED LIES can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. The first book in the series was released almost nine years ago.

Told from dual third person perspectives WICKED LIES revisits the small town of Loudoun, Tennessee where family secrets and mountain whispers speak of deadly games, the Kin, and the heartbreaking story about two young lovers torn apart before their romance began. The Maddox family lost a mother and daughter to a deadly New York hotel fire, and with it brought too many unanswered questions and ten years of grief and heartbreak.

Jazz has mourned the only woman he has ever loved for close to ten years; her death, and that of her mother’s, has weighed heavily upon many hearts throughout the small town of Loudoun, but none more so than Jazz Lansing’s. But two years ago the arrival of Annie Hayes brought with it a familiarity and fleeting moments of memories from long ago. Jazz knew Annie was hiding secrets and he was determined to uncover the truth behind Annie’s need to hide –in plain sight. Jazz’s reputation as a ‘love em and leave em’ alpha male left a sour note in our heroine’s feisty façade but Jazz’s need to protect Annie overrode everything else.

The relationship between Annie and Jazz is one of second chances; Annie has never forgotten the only man she has ever loved but eight years had passed without any contact, and her arrival in town brought with it the potential for death and chaos to anyone who got too close. Annie’s need to keep Jazz at arm’s length was for his own protection, and hers. The $ex scenes are erotic, seductive and hot but for a Lora Leigh storyline, the scenes are limited in number as compared to many of her previous books and novels.

The secondary and supporting characters include Jazz’s best friends Zack, Slade, and Slade’s wife Jessie from book one-Loving Lies. We are introduced to the Maddox Clan-brothers Cord, Sawyer and Deacon, and their father Vinny and aunt Luce, and Luce’s daughter Grace. The requisite evil comes from within the Kin, the Clan and the mountains of Tennessee-although not necessarily whom everyone suspected.

I did have one issue with this particular storyline and it involves the true identity of one of the leading characters. I am not saying nothing is impossible but colored contacts and a box of hair dye isn’t enough to mask someone’s real identity especially from family, close friends and the love of one’s life. The reality of the situation was far from believable but it is a story of fiction meant to entertain.

WICKED LIES is a quick but predictable read; an entertaining storyline about family and friends; betrayal and greed; second chances and a happily ever after.

Copy supplied by the publisher through Netgalley

Reviewed by Sandy


Before We Were Strangers by Renee Carlino-a review

BEFORE WE WERE STRANGERS by Renee Carlino-a review

Before We Were Strangers

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date August 18, 2015

A love story about a Craigslist “missed connection” post that gives two people a second chance at love fifteen years after they were separated in New York City.

To the Green-eyed Lovebird:

We met fifteen years ago, almost to the day, when I moved my stuff into the NYU dorm room next to yours at Senior House.

You called us fast friends. I like to think it was more.

We lived on nothing but the excitement of finding ourselves through music (you were obsessed with Jeff Buckley), photography (I couldn’t stop taking pictures of you), hanging out in Washington Square Park, and all the weird things we did to make money. I learned more about myself that year than any other.

Yet, somehow, it all fell apart. We lost touch the summer after graduation when I went to South America to work for National Geographic. When I came back, you were gone. A part of me still wonders if I pushed you too hard after the wedding…

I didn’t see you again until a month ago. It was a Wednesday. You were rocking back on your heels, balancing on that thick yellow line that runs along the subway platform, waiting for the F train. I didn’t know it was you until it was too late, and then you were gone. Again. You said my name; I saw it on your lips. I tried to will the train to stop, just so I could say hello.

After seeing you, all of the youthful feelings and memories came flooding back to me, and now I’ve spent the better part of a month wondering what your life is like. I might be totally out of my mind, but would you like to get a drink with me and catch up on the last decade and a half?



REVIEW: BEFORE WE WERE STRANGERS is a story of first loves, broken hearts and second chances.

Told from dual first person points of view, from present day to the past and back to the present, BEFORE WE WERE STRANGERS follows the growing relationship between two college students-photographer Matt Shore and cellist Grace Starr –who on the first day of senior year met, struck up an immediate friendship that would eventually find our leading couple as best friends, confidants, and lovers.

Throughout the storyline we are witness to Grace and Matt’s connection; the bonds they formed with one another, the friendships that would last a lifetime; and the dysfunctional family situations that force Matt and Grace to lean upon one another more times than not. But all was for naught when Matt is eventually offered an internship with National Geographic while Grace remains behind to complete her graduate studies. A promise to return within three months finds Grace lost and brokenhearted when news of a different kind force Grace to make a life altering decision.

BEFORE WE WERE STRANGERS follows the ‘before and after’ of a fifteen year separation for two people who promised one another the world; their memories of times spent together were balanced with the reality of what had happened and what was to come. But a mistaken belief would send our couple in opposite directions and fifteen years would pass before a fleeting moment in the subway would push Matt to begin a search for the woman he had never stopped loving. Matt wanted his happily ever after but the road to happiness is filled with heartbreak, betrayal and loss.

BEFORE WE WERE STRANGERS is an unforgettable storyline of first love and second chances. Grace and Matt’s all consuming love for one another is matched with passionate promises and seductive proclamations but life and everything else in between had a funny way of destroying what was and what was to be.

If I had one complaint it is the unreality of Grace’s inability to contact Matt throughout the fifteen year separation. The author tried to explain the issues and problems Grace encountered but I have to question some of the situations and responses.

Reviewed by Sandy